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Alkaline Manganese Battery Alkaline manganese battery is one of the most popular primary batteries used today. Its major advantages include high energy capacity, low self-discharge rate, and long lifespan. A typical alkaline battery is composed of a reagent-grade manganese dioxide (MnO2) cathode and a basic potassium hydroxide electrolyte. It also contains zinc metal powder as […]
Alkaline Manganese Cell The alkaline manganese cell is a variant of the Leclanche cell, but with electrodes of zinc and manganese dioxide. It uses potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. It is a popular primary general purpose battery. It has as much as double the energy density of a rechargeable Nickel based cell such as NiCad […]
Lithium Manganese Button Battery A button battery is a small primary lithium-ion battery that uses manganese dioxide for the positive electrode and zinc for the negative electrode. It’s used in a wide range of products. Button batteries are a dangerous choking hazard for young children and should be kept away from them. These can cause […]
Why Choose a USB Rechargeable Battery? USB rechargeable batteries are a good choice for a number of reasons. They’re long-lasting, have better performance and are more eco-friendly than standard batteries. Unlike traditional batteries, USB rechargeable batteries charge with a standard microUSB and don’t require a special charger. This makes them super portable. Long-Lasting Rechargeable batteries […]
USB Battery Chargers A USB battery charger is a great way to charge your smartphone or tablet at the fastest possible speed. It also comes in handy for charging a large battery pack (aka power bank) that has more than one port, because you can share the power among multiple devices. Some devices need more […]
The LR44 Button Battery The LR44 button battery is a very popular type of battery. They are used in a variety of devices and are very compact. These batteries are also known as alkaline or silver oxide coin cell batteries. They are 11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height. 1. High Energy Density […]
Choosing the Right AMR Battery When it comes to selecting the optimum battery for an AMR (autonomous mobile robot) system, there are many factors to consider. Those include base current, pulse currents, cut-off voltage, temperature and environmental conditions. Lithium-ion batteries are also compatible with intelligent telematics systems that can send data about the battery, its […]
The Lifepo4 Golf Battery The lifepo4 golf battery is a drop-in replacement for many 36V lithium electric golf carts. It has a lighter weight and a shorter charging time than lead-acid batteries, which can save you money on energy bills and maintenance. It features comprehensive protection against deep discharge, over-charging, overloading, and short circuits. It […]
Lifepo4 72v – Power Your Gadgets For Hours on End Lifepo4 72v is a high-energy battery that is used to power electric scooters, electric go-karts, and other machines. It has more energy density than lead-acid batteries, which is why it is preferred for these applications. It is also lightweight, so it can be easily carried […]
Top 5 Business Card Makers Business cards are a powerful way to promote your business and connect with potential customers. It’s important to design them well. You need to leave a lot of blank space on your card to allow the recipient’s eyes to focus on the most essential information. That includes your business name, […]