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Elevator Buffers Elevator buffers are safety devices that prevent elevator carriages from falling to the pit bottom by absorbing kinetic energy. This helps to reduce passengers’ injury in case of an impact. Oleo’s range of high speed elevator buffers is designed to allow installation of elevators into even higher buildings. Its range has been developed […]
What Is an Escalator? Escalators are an efficient and safe way to transport people vertically from one floor to another. They are popular in many commercial and residential buildings. The global escalator chain market is segmented into types (step chains and drive chains), applications, and regions. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East […]
The Importance of an Elevator Encoder In the elevator industry, an elevator encoder is an important component of the traction motor system. It provides accurate position feedback, as well as velocity and acceleration information. Elevator encoders provide a high-resolution position value with low power consumption, fast data transfer and minimal maintenance. This makes them ideal […]
Elevator Door System Parts Elevator door system parts play a vital role in the safety and operation of an elevator. There are dozens of moving parts that need regular maintenance and adjustments to ensure the doors open and close evenly. New microprocessor-based intelligent controllers are now being installed to improve efficiency and reliability. They eliminate […]