Wide Leg Jeans

wide leg jeans

Wide Leg Jeans

Whether you’re looking for a fresh pair of denim to wear with your favorite tee or want something that will look chic and fashionable, wide leg jeans are the way to go.

They’re looser and softer than straight or skinny jeans, but still have the definition at the waist and hips that slim-cut styles lack. They also work with a variety of body types, especially those with larger proportions.

Fitted Basic Tops

Wide leg jeans can make a chic outfit, especially when styled with the right tops. They look great on any body type, and are a comfortable option for everyday wear.

They’re easy to pair with a variety of different tops, including t-shirts, camisoles, tank tops, and fitted blouses. They also look good when paired with blazers and jackets.

A sleeveless top is another classic choice to go with wide leg pants. It can be a simple one or a printed one, depending on the theme of the outfit. Bridget wore her sleeveless top with a cropped wide-leg pant and sandals that match the color of the blouse, making it a very casual but elegant outfit.

Sweatshirts are also a nice choice to go with wide leg pants. These look great when paired with a matching cropped pant, making them a very comfortable outfit to wear while traveling.

If you’re looking for something more structured, try a fitted top with a v-neckline. This style is a flattering option for a wide leg pant, as it balances the volume of the pant.

A halter neckline will also look great with wide leg pants, as it will help create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. It’s also a great choice for those with shorter wide leg jeans legs, as it can make them appear longer and leaner.

Fitted basic tees are another great choice for wide leg pants. They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors, so you can find one to match your favorite tops.

They also make a nice option for layering in the winter. This faux suede sherpa-lined cropped coat looks ultra-chic with a pair of high-rise wide-leg pants. It’s a versatile outfit for cold weather that’s ideal for work.

Another fitted basic tee that’s worth a look is this ribbed seamless hook and eye tank bodysuit from sustainable-clothing line Baserange. Jewelry designer Pamela Love owns a few of these, and tells us they’re a favorite in her closet. She bought them in black, but they’re available in a variety of other hues.

Women’s T-Shirts

Wide leg jeans are an essential piece of clothing for women to have in their closet. They’re a versatile, classic style that look super chic and stylish when paired with the right tops and accessories.

A fitted t-shirt is one of the easiest tops to wear with wide-leg jeans, as it helps to define the silhouette you’re trying to create. This type of shirt will also help to tuck in your wide-leg pants to make the entire outfit appear more tailored and shapely.

For a casual, everyday look, you can pair a fitted t-shirt with your wide leg pants and some open sneakers. The same goes for a crop top, as long as you choose a breathable material like twill that can keep your skin from getting too warm.

If you want to dress up your wide-leg pants, consider wearing a tuxedo shirt or a shirt with a feminine print. These types of tops will add a bit of a touch of class and sophistication to your look, and will also go well with a pair of heels or sneakers.

Another way to dress up your jeans is by pairing them with a fitted cardigan sweater. These types of tops are great for fall and winter, and will look especially flattering with a pair of high-waisted wide leg pants.

In fact, a fitted tee with a wide-leg pant is a great pairing for any time of year. You can also wear a fitted top with a pair of jeans to create an easy, casual look that’s perfect for a weekend trip or a city break.

Alternatively, you can also pair your wide leg jeans with a turtleneck. Carolina (above) wore her wide leg jeans with a fitted turtleneck and topped off her look with a leopard print belt. This was a cute look that’s very easy to put together and will definitely help you feel comfortable during your travels.

A printed kimono is also a good option to pair with your jeans, as it will add a splash of color and pattern to your look. You can also choose a plain one for a more subtle effect.

Denim Jackets

Whether you’re looking for a classic fitted denim jacket or an oversized boyfriend style, there are plenty of options to choose from. They come in every color and style imaginable, so you can find one that will fit your personal taste, as well as your budget.

The most important thing to look for when buying a denim jacket is quality. It should be made from a sturdy and durable material, like cotton denim, to stand up to wear and tear over time. This will keep you looking good for longer.

Also, it should be designed with comfort in mind. For instance, it should fit over a t-shirt without feeling too tight or pulling. Similarly, it should have enough room wide leg jeans in the torso so you can move freely.

If you’re looking for a denim jacket for the office, you can try a dark indigo or black version. This will help to balance out the slim profile of the pants and shoes you’re wearing. It’s also a good idea to opt for a neutral hue so you can easily pair the jacket with other pieces of your outfit.

For a cool look, you can pair your denim jacket with a long-sleeve t-shirt and wide leg jeans. This is a great way to add some texture and a bit of sexiness to your look.

A sleeveless top can also be a stylish choice for warmer days. You can also add a turtleneck to your look if you’d prefer. A camisole will work nicely too, as it will complement the overall shape of your outfit.

Denim jackets can be worn all year round, but they are particularly useful during those awkward transitional periods between seasons when the weather can be cold or too hot. This is because they are light enough to slip on over a T-shirt or lightweight sweater and will keep you warm during those chillier months.


If you’re looking to spruce up your wide leg jeans, there are several sweaters that will look great with them. You can pair a solid sweater with your wide leg jeans for a casual look, or you can go for a printed sweater for a more sophisticated look.

A hooded cardigan is another option for adding some style to your outfit. You can tuck the hood into your shirt for a sexier look, or you can leave it loose and untucked for a more laid-back feel. You can also wear a cropped cardigan with your wide leg pants for a more trendy look.

One of the best ways to wear a chunky knit sweater with wide leg pants is to tuck it into the waist. This will break up the bulk of your sweater and make your legs appear longer.

You can also choose to keep your sweater loose and untucked, and simply add a pair of ankle boots or flats. This look will look super cool and stylish.

The most important thing to remember with sweaters and jeans is that you want them to maintain balance between the upper and lower body. This is especially true if you’re wearing a cropped sweater, as the shorter length will help to balance out your wider legs.

To achieve this look, you can choose a long sleeve or tank top to layer underneath your cropped sweater. You can also try a halter neck top for a different look.

Another sweater that looks good with wide leg pants is a fitted turtleneck. This type of sweater is the coziest and will keep you warm without looking too bulky. It’s also very versatile because you can pair it with straight leg jeans and different bottoms for a variety of looks.

When you’re pairing a sweater with a jacket, keep this rule in mind: every top layer should fall lower on your body than the layers below it. This means that your sweater hem should fall lower than your jacket hem, your shirt tails should be tucked in, and your collar points should go under the layers below them (not over).

The key is to get all of these details in place so that you can avoid having your outfit look too casual or too put together. The best way to do this is to play around with a few different colors for your top and bottom pieces, and see what works best.