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Advantages of a Dimmable Sensor Driver A dimmable sensor driver is an ideal choice for machine vision systems that rely on constant light output. It can automatically dim LED lights with motion detection and provide a range of brightness levels to match the needs of the application. This dimmer features an integrated microwave motion sensor […]
DALI Motion Sensor Supplier DALI motion sensors are one of the most popular solutions for building automation. They combine motion detection with brightness level measurement, delivering energy savings and automatic control of lighting according to occupancy. LOYTEC electronics has successfully implemented DALI-2 certification for its LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Couplers and LDALI-MS2 Multi-Sensors. This is a future-proof […]
Dali Motion Sensor Manufacturers Motion sensors are designed to detect motion by measuring the infrared rays that are emitted from objects. They are used to control lighting and other electrical equipment. DiiA, the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, has added a new DALI motion sensor certification program in May 2019. With this, manufacturers can offer dali […]
UL Motion Sensor Distributor Certification A motion sensor is a device that detects motion. They are used in a variety of applications including security and energy management. Motion sensors are typically connected to a system or software that processes the motion into action. A UL motion sensor distributor provides stocking and replenishment services for various […]