DALI Motion Sensor Supplier

dali motion sensor supplier

DALI Motion Sensor Supplier

DALI motion sensors are one of the most popular solutions for building automation. They combine motion detection with brightness level measurement, delivering energy savings and automatic control of lighting according to occupancy.

LOYTEC electronics has successfully implemented DALI-2 certification for its LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Couplers and LDALI-MS2 Multi-Sensors. This is a future-proof industry standard for detecting motion and light levels.

DALI interfaces

A DALI interface is a device which connects an input device (sensor, push-button or similar) to a control system. DALI interfaces use bi-directional communication, which enables the device to send or receive commands from an application controller.

A controller acts as a ‘brain’ for the system, receiving information from sensors and sending them to a control gear. It can also query and configure a group of devices.

DALI interfaces can be wired to a bus, or used in conjunction with a gateway to provide wireless connectivity. A gateway connects a wired DALI system to an existing wireless ecosystem, such as Bluetooth or Zigbee.

The gateway is designed to communicate with a DALI application controller, and can act as an intermediary between a DALI network and the wireless ecosystem. The gateway can be a standalone device, or it can be part of an overall lighting control system (for example, as part of a BMS).

In general, a DALI network can have at least one application controller, a bus power supply and a variety of input devices such as sensors, push-buttons and light switches. The devices can be addressed individually, in groups or via broadcast.

Each of these devices uses a DALI address to communicate with the control system. This allows multiple devices to be connected on the same bus, and each can be assigned different groups or scenes.

DALI is a standardized digital protocol, with a half-duplex communication structure of forward frames and backward frames. The dali motion sensor supplier forward frame contains the address byte, a data byte and two stop bits. The backward frame, received after a query or memory command, contains the response.

The protocol is based on Manchester encoding, which allows the exchange of bi-directional signals between devices. It supports dali motion sensor supplier a wide range of topologies, such as daisy chain, star and multi-drop.

DALI is a popular standard for connecting lighting fixtures and control systems. It offers a number of advantages over analog methods, including flexibility, scalability and ease of re-configuration. It also offers polarity-free power circuits and reduced cable lengths, making it easy to install in a variety of environments.


SwitchDOT is a small but impressive DALI interface that fits into a flush mounting box, enabling almost any standard switch, motion sensor or relay to be integrated into a DALI network. It sends switching and dimming commands to a DALI group or as a broadcast. This allows users to control individual lamps or a group of lamps in a single go, which is particularly useful for larger installations.

It is also available in a lite version for simple integration into the DALI system of a circuit that only needs to be addressed by one lamp at a time. It also boasts a number of innovative features, such as an illuminated display and an acoustic alarm.

MotionDOT is a DALI-certified interface that transmits the moving signal of a motion sensor to a group of lamps or as a signal in the shape of a broadcast, making it one of the smartest ways to integrate these devices into a DALI network. In addition, it can save up to four different illumination scenarios and recall them with the press of a button.

A short push of the button calls it all, with the lightest bulb showing up at the right moment and with enough brightness to wowed the eye. For even more oomph, you can select a color scheme that is sure to please.

It’s easy to set up – simply install the batteries, click on the + sign and you’re off and running with the Switchbot app. The app also makes it easier to add other Switchbot sensors and hubs if you want to take advantage of other features like notifications or Alexa compatibility. The best part is, the Bot’s battery life is claimed to last 600 days (almost two years) which means that you won’t need to worry about replacing it for a while.


MotionDOT is a DALI control module that allows standard presence and motion sensors to be integrated seamlessly into a DALI network. This interface can be set to control a group of devices or all devices on the DALI bus. The adjustment is done manually with knobs on the back of the controller. In addition, it offers the option of saving and recalling up to four light scenarios. A long press saves the illumination scenario and a brief push calls it up again.

Alternatively, it can be configured to trigger up to 3 predefined DALI scenes. The first Scene will be triggered when a sensor detects the presence of human beings within its detection range, the second one when the absence of human beings is detected and the third one when a delay time is elapsed. The total number of DALI scenes that can be saved is 16 (0-15). A rotary switch on the back is used to set Delay Time.

Motion detection can be displayed via the red RGB LED. If the parameter is set to “On” the LED lights up when motion is detected, otherwise it’s switched off. If the parameter is set to “Suppress flashing” the LED doesn’t show up when motion is detected, but does when it hasn’t received a short address yet. The start-up behaviour is indicated by the flashing RGB LED for a period of 30 s.